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Hello! We have made some enhancements to Enterprise that we want to share with you!
When you sign on today, you will see the following changes:
  • Enhanced date tools
    • Months are spelled out, not abbreviated
    • Entering 4/15/20 in the date entry field will automatically switch to April 15, 2020 when you tab out of the field
    • Entering 41520 will not work, the / are required
    • Dates that are not part of that month appear in the calendar, but are displayed in a different color
    • The day of the week is spelled out for the selected day
    • The date shortcuts (-1 day, +1 day, etc) have been moved to the right of the date entry tools
  • 4 new metrics in the Dashboard Summary
    • Sales By Origin
    • Out The door Time
    • Labor %
    • Last Week Order Counts
  • Improvements to store selection and navigation within reports